Lunch & Dinner Set Menu ¥950~

The Indian and Nepalese restaurant Mayur Kyoto offers a great lunch & Dinner set.

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Biryani Set
Biryani Set ¥1,100-
Biryani,Raita(Yogurt salad), Keema, Cucumber, Stir-fried Boiled egg
Chicken dum biryani.
Tandoori Chicken Set
Tandoori Chicken Set ¥1,290-
2pcs Tandoori chicken, Please choose two curries(Chicken/Vegetables/Chickpeas/Keema/Dal), Nan, Salad
Seekh Kebab Set
Seekh Kebab Set ¥1,290-
2pcs Seekh Kebab, Please choose one curry (Chicken/Vegetables/Chickpeas/Keema/Dal), Homemade pickles,Nan,Papad, Basmati rice, Salad
Cheese Nan Set
Cheese Nan Set ¥1,280-
Please choose two curries(Chicken/Vegetables/Chickpeas/Keema/Dal), Cheese nan, Chicken tikka, Salad
Dal Bhat
Dal Bhat ¥1,320-
Please choose one curry(Chicken/Mutton), Dal, Today’s vegetables, Achaar, Papad, Basmati rice, Salad
Soup Curry Set
Soup Curry Set ¥1,100-
Chicken wings and vegetable soup curry, Papad, Homemade pickles, Basmati rice
Curry & Rice
Curry & Rice ¥790~
Please choose one curry from the following, Basmati rice, Papad, Homemade pickles
Dal ¥950- / Chana ¥950- / Vegetables ¥990-
Keema ¥990- / Chicken ¥990-
Spinach & Ptato ¥1,090-
Spinach & Chicken ¥1,090-
Mutton ¥1,150- / Shrimp ¥1,150-
Nan & Curry
Nan & Curry ¥850~
Please choose one curry from the following, Nan, Salad
Dal ¥950- / Chana ¥950- / Vegetables ¥990-
Keema ¥990- / Chicken ¥990-
Spinach & Ptato ¥1,090-
Spinach & Chicken ¥1,090-
Mutton ¥1,150- / Shrimp ¥1,150-
Curry & Rice with Chicken
Curry & Rice with Spicy Chicken ¥1,100-
Please choose one curry(Chicken/Keema/Vegetables), Spicy chicken, Basmati rice, Homemade pickles
Mayur Set
Mayur Set ¥1,020-
Please choose two curries(Chicken/Vegetables/Keema/Chana/Dal), Chicken tikka, Nan, Salad, Drink
Vegan Thali
Vegan Thali (100% Plant Based) ¥1,550-
Dal,Vegetables curry, Chana masala, Homemade pickles, Chapati, Basmati rice, Papad, Salad

Change Nan to Garlic Nan or Cheese Nan ¥250-
Add Plain Nan ¥180-
Add rice/Basmati or Jpapnese ¥180-

There are other menus that can be arranged for vegetarians. Please feel free to contact us.

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Vegetarian Menu
Vegan Menu

For Vegetarian Customers

For Vegetarian Customers

We have a vegetarian menu.

We have a VEGAN menu.

We have dishes containing no egg,meat,fish,or dairy products.