Mayur Kyoto is back!
We will reopen our business from October 8, 2020!

We had been temporarily closed from June 2020, we will reopen our business from October 8, 2020.

Welcome to Indian and Nepalese restaurant Mayur Kyoto!

Mayur Kyoto is an Indian & Nepalese restaurant located on the 6th floor of the GLINTLAND Building in front of Kawaramachi Sanjo H Bus Stop, 130 meters north of the intersection of Sanjo, Kawaramachi, Kyoto, Japan.

Tandoori kababs, homemade naan and spicy curries are our specialties.

Vegetarian menus and orders without eggs and dairy products are also available.

We have English menus


Easy to access from tourist spots!

GION area

From GION area, 10 minutes on foot.

Nishiki food market

From Nishiki food market area, 8 minutes on foot.

From Yasaka shrine, 20 minutes on foot.

Yasaka shrine

From Honnoji temple area, 2 minutes on foot.

Honnoji temple

7 Reasons to visit MAYUR KYOTO.

1. A lot of Vegetarian and Vegan options to choose from!

VEGETARIAN-ONLY menu books and VEGAN-ONLY menu books help you to choose what to eat.





2. Food we serve is 100% HALAL and we use 100% HALAL MEAT!

HALAL recommended menus.

HALAL recommended menus.

3. Cozy & Family Friendly!

Staff are from India, Nepal and Japan. We speak Hindi, Nepalese, English and Japanese. Menu books are all written in English also.
We have kid's menu, kid's table ware and kid's chair. We are ready to satisfy all of your family members!

Introduction of staff

4. Refreshing spicy food

If you are craving for something different from Japanese taste,spicy food is perfect for you!

5. We can accommodate your dietary requests as much as possible. All the curries are GLUTEN FREE.

"No onion!" "No garlic!" "Less oil!" "Dish without 5 pungent roots!" "Less salt!" "Jain veg food!"

"No onion!" "No garlic!" "Less oil!" "Dish without 5 pungent roots!" "Less salt!" "Jain veg food!"

6. We offer course/buffet for big groups.

To book the entire restaurant, please contact us directly.

CALL US 075-211-8940

7. We love delicious food,so we definitely serve you absolutely delicious food!

Every dish is created by all the members of the restaurant. Our team members taste, check and renew every dish to complete it.
We love and know delicious food, so we can create delicious food. We offer more than what you expect!

MENU of Mayur KyotoMENU of Mayur Kyoto
We have English menus

For Vegetarian CustomersFor Vegetarian Customers
We have a vegetarian menu.
We have a VEGAN menu.

In Mayur Kyoto, PayPay and Alipay are available.

In Mayur Kyoto, PayPay and Alipay are available.